USAID Launches New Development Strategy to Help Georgia Build Resilience, Strengthen Citizen-Responsive Democracy, Create Employment Opportunities

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

USAID supports self-reliance by helping partner countries leverage their own resources and drive solutions to address development challenges.  Over 2020-2025, USAID will deepen its partnership with Georgia, supporting the country to build on recent successful reforms and development gains while addressing remaining challenges. 

USAID/Georgia launched a new Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) to guide its assistance to Georgia through 2025.  Under the new strategy, USAID will strategically partner with Georgia on its journey to self-reliance, helping advance its Euro-Atlantic integration and strengthen its resilience to malign influence. 

“Georgia is a key strategic partner for the U.S.  Both countries recognize that USAID assistance is an investment in Georgia's self-reliant future.  Where possible, we are co-creating, cost-sharing, and co-investing with our Georgian partners, both public and private, to help Georgia create its own solutions to development challenges,” said USAID/Georgia Mission Director Peter Wiebler.  In addition to deepening its strategic partnership with the Government of Georgia, USAID will continue collaborating with a broad spectrum of partners within Georgia's civil society, private sector, and independent media as well as with international stakeholders to advance the strategy.

Over the next five years, USAID programming will advance three key development objectives: fostering Georgia’s increased resilience to external malign influence; promoting citizen-centered governance that supports responsible, accountable, and accessible institutions; and catalyzing higher-paying job creation and economic linkages with the West.

USAID will place the highest priority in strengthening Georgia’s resilience, a point emphasized by Mr. Wiebler: “Georgia’s ability to overcome development challenges is hampered by its vulnerability to Kremlin and other malign influences.   Through our new development strategy, we will sharpen our focus on helping Georgia build resilience to malign influence, providing innovative tools to help combat the growing threats of disinformation and cyberattacks and expanding our work on energy security and economic diversification.”

The full CDCS can be found here:

Last updated: October 21, 2020

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