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The majority of USAID’s funds are awarded through a competitive process. These funding opportunities are posted daily on and

Before USAID USAID maintains a Business Forecast which consists of upcoming business and partnership opportunities. The Forecast is updated daily. You can download a report of all current opportunities, as well as use filters to sort by date, sector, award type, and more.

The majority of USAID’s funds are awarded through acquisition and assistance mechanisms.


  • Contracts: USAID purchases technical assistance services, goods, products, or other services from a responsible party to implement a project as directed by the Agency.


  • Grants: USAID provides funds to a responsible grantee to carry out a program with little direct involvement.
  • Cooperative Agreements: USAID provides funds to a partner but has more substantial involvement and contact with the partner during the life of the program. To solicit help for its programs, USAID typically uses a request for proposals (RFPs) for contracts and notice of funding opportunities (NOFOs) for cooperative agreements and grants. Contracts opportunities available for bidding are posted on the

Grants and cooperative agreements are available on Contracts are available at

In May 2019, USAID launched the New Partnerships Initiative (NPI), which allows USAID to work with a more diverse range of partners and provide more entry points for organizations to work with the Agency.

USAID has a variety of other grant and partnership programs that are available here.

USAID also accepts unsolicited proposals and applications. You can find more information about the unsolicited proposal and application process on our website. USAID reviews every submission, but note that only a small number are approved. It is important to read the full guidance provided online prior to submitting an unsolicited proposal or application.

Last updated: March 17, 2020

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