Archived Fact Sheets

This listing of fact sheets is for closed USAID activities in Kenya.

Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

The International Small Group Tree Planting Program

The International Small Group Tree Planting Program, known as TIST, helps communities in and around Kenya’s forests plant trees to improve their lives.  The program harnesses the power of small groups who choose to unite for a common purpose and a better life. Farmers are valued as local experts who know first-hand the impact of deforestation and drought.   The program is supported by a Global Development Alliance comprised of USAID, the Clean Air Action Corporation, and the Institute for Environmental Innovation, a US-based NGO that provides the farmer training and other capacity building.  USAID’s $7.5 million investment leverages more than $11 million that the Clear Air Action Corporation has invested in developing carbon offset methods, monitoring technology and pilot projects.

Democracy, Rights and Governance

Parliamentary Strengthening Program II

The Parliamentary Strengthening Program’s main objective is to improve Kenya’s Parliament’s effectiveness in producing legislation, acting as an oversight institution, and carrying out its representation functions in a more democratic, transparent, and effective manner.


Last updated: October 01, 2014

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