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With the return to democratic rule in 2010, the Government of Niger committed to fighting corruption, increasing transparency, and ensuring that proper management of the country’s natural resources benefits all Nigeriens. Niger’s National Assembly plays a key role in advancing reforms needed to strengthen governance and consolidate recent democratic gains vital to furthering the country’s development, but the body lacks experience, information, and resources to effectively execute its mandate. Furthermore, Niger is signatory to international human rights conventions, but provisions of these conventions have yet to be implemented domestically.

At the local level, the decentralization process is still evolving in Niger and there is a need for citizens to become more involved in municipal councils and school governance structures.


USAID is supporting democracy and transparency through programming aimed at strengthening democratic institutions in the country, integrating international human rights and labor standards into Nigerien legislation, promoting gender equality and adoption of international protective norms for women and girls, and encouraging civic and political participation to protect against the influence of extremist groups.

The potential revenue from extractive industries in Niger is of great importance to the continued development to the country, and as a result the efficient, transparent management of these industries plays a key role in Niger’s future.  To this end USAID programming is strengthening the National Assembly’s ability to draft, review and oversee the implementation of laws and regulations governing public policy focused on extractive industries by training members in improved practices, by increasing communication and collaboration between the National Assembly and Civil Society Organizations, and ensuring representation of women and protection of women’s rights becomes the norm. USAID programming is also helping the Government of Niger create economic opportunities and increased civic and political participation for Nigerien youth to help undermine extremist messages and encourage stability in Niger and the region.

Last updated: December 05, 2016

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