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Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS)

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Niger's 2022–2027 Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) goal is: Progress towards a more inclusive, peaceful, and resilient Niger, improving the economic and social well-being of its communities. This goal reflects the long-term vision of USAID/Niger to support progress toward inclusion, peace, and resilience to unlock greater capacity for locally-led development. Over the next five years, the Mission will partner with communities, civil society, the private sector, other donors, and the Government of Niger (GoN) to build capacity and commitment toward improving the economic and social well-being of Niger. USAID/Niger will work to elevate the voices of all Nigeriens, including women, youth, nomads, and other marginalized communities, and support the foundations for more enduring peace and stability, while reducing community and institutional vulnerability to recurrent shocks from climate, conflict, and disease.

This strategy builds upon lessons learned and seeks to maximize the comparative advantages of USAID/Niger to provide catalytic support to Niger’s people and government to advance their development agendas. USAID/Niger will work toward this CDCS goal through three integrated Development Objectives. The first objective focuses on the challenge of working at the community level to strengthen capacity for locally-led action, empower community-based organizations, and build the resilience of individuals, households, and communities to withstand the many shocks and stresses common in Niger. The second objective seeks to support greater inclusive economic opportunities through interventions that establish the foundations for a healthy, productive, and qualified workforce, while strengthening the market systems needed for new livelihoods. The third objective outlines the USAID/Niger approach to supporting the GoN to improve the performance and responsiveness of institutions to deliver key services, such as health and education, and to promote accountability, through improved oversight mechanisms including credible, peaceful and inclusive elections.

Last updated: September 16, 2022

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