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USAID’s Education for Success Program under the Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI), targets out-of-school and in-school-youth in five municipalities in Nicaragua’s South Atlantic Autonomous Region that are highly vulnerable to drug trafficking--Kukra Hill, Pearl Lagoon, Corn Island, Desembocadura de Río Grande and Bluefields. 
The program provides educational opportunities for youth through scholarships for children in grades 4-6 (preventing early drop-out), and for high school students (including the costs of going to school away from home). It also funds scholarships in vocational training and other courses for youth who have already left school.  The program includes life-skills training, sports activities, English lessons and tutoring. 
USAID's Community Action for Reading and Security project improves early grade reading outcomes and contributes to reducing insecurity in five municipalities of the South Atlantic Autonomous Region of Nicaragua. The project supports: a) evidence-based early grade reading programs in privately-managed schools and community-based afterschool programs, b) non-governmental organization (NGO) capacity building, c) sub-grants to NGOs and d) community planning on topics of education and citizen security.


Last updated: October 19, 2015

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