USAID Newsletter

Global VAX, short for Initiative for Global Vaccines Access, will provide even more access to COVID-19 vaccines for people living in developing countries. USAID announced the new effort this month just as the Omicron variant was racking up new infections. Vaccinating the world is key to preventing future variants from spreading. At the same time we’re battling COVID, we are fighting for democracy. This month’s Summit for Democracy brought Administrator Samantha Power together with other leaders committed to strengthening democracy, combating corruption, and defending human rights.


News & Events

Administrator Power held a series of high-level meetings to discuss Global VAX and spoke at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit. She also announced that the United States will invest up to $11 billion over the next three years to combat global malnutrition.

Digital Feature

Basrah’s residents were looking for a sustainable solution that would give them access to safe, clean water. Enter USAID to help these Iraqi citizens. Working with the United Nations, we helped rehabilitate treatment plants that are now improving access to potable water for more than 625,000.

Collaborating with USAID

USAID drafted a new Local Capacity Development Policy to shape the Agency’s approach to supporting local partners and communities. We are requesting feedback to enrich the policy with a broad array of perspectives. The deadline: Jan. 31.

Did You Know?

This year, USAID has been working hard to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Take a look back at how we made an impact in 2021. USAID delivered over 300 million life saving vaccines to remote corners. The path to get shots into arms was difficult, but USAID supported many areas of distribution. In the Philippines, USAID advanced testing capabilities and in Georgia we provided internet access to 1,000 rural clinics. And throughout Africa, learn how USAID worked to protect mothers during the pandemic.