USAID Weekly - June 25, 2021

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In Venezuela, 7 million people need humanitarian assistance and 5 million have fled; totaling almost half the country's population. Last week, the U.S. announced $407 million to Venezuelans and communities hosting them. USAID is providing emergency food, water, and health aid. USAID sent emergency medical supplies to Pakistan and Nepal where COVID-19 cases are surging. The United States continues to support countries fighting the pandemic. Administrator Power announced new initiatives in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. These initiatives promote good governance and economic growth, enabling people to have more opportunities at home. On World Refugee Day, USAID reaffirmed its commitment to the millions of refugees around the world. The U.S. will continue to provide life-saving aid to refugees and stand by the countries that support them.

Last updated: September 23, 2021

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