USAID Weekly - July 2, 2021

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As COVID-19 cases surge in India, the U.S. continues to support the country. Additional USAID assistance announced this week will help India with its response efforts and strengthen the country’s healthcare supply chains. In Syria, humanitarian needs rise higher than ever due to conflict, COVID-19, and economic crisis. To help address this dire situation, the U.S. announced $436 million in additional life saving aid. Each month, U.S. aid reaches 6 million Syrians. There are devastating reports of famine conditions and human rights atrocities in Tigray, Ethiopia. Up to 900,000 people could face death, with millions more at risk if urgent action is not taken. Assistant to the Administrator Sarah Charles spoke at the House Foreign Affairs Committee about the deteriorating conditions. For the first time, in honor of Pride Month, USAID raised the Progress flag. As Administrator Power noted, this is a huge step in recognizing that what we see matters.

Last updated: October 14, 2021

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