USAID Trains Solar Technicians in Pacific Island Nations

The USAID-funded Vocational Training and Education for Clean Energy (VOCTEC) program, under the leadership of Arizona State University (ASU) and its partners Green Empowerment and Appalachian State University, is designed to improve sustainability of renewable energy infrastructure in selected developing countries by enhancing local awareness, skills, knowledge and capacity through training in the clean energy arena. VOCTEC provides three levels of trainings in solar photovoltaic, small wind and micro-hydro energy systems.

This video visits a remote community in the Solomon Islands, where VOCTEC has trained faculty from the Solomon Islands University (SIU) how to integrate a solar technician training course into their curriculum. Over the past two years, VOCTEC has contributed mobile training tool-kits, classroom materials, and other equipment to SIU and 10 other partner institutions throughout the Pacific. Graduates of the SIU program installed a solar system at a local school, and students and teachers share their thoughts on how the solar system has impacted them. SIU faculty and government leaders also share their opinions on the impact of solar energy on the country.

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Last updated: June 15, 2018

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