USAID in Cagayan de Oro: 2011 and Beyond

On December 17, 2011, Tropical Storm Sendong struck Cagayan de Oro. A flash flood tore through the city, causing more than 1,400 residents to lose their lives. USAID and the US military were the first among international donors to provide relief assistance to the displaced survivors.

Less than two years later, Cagayan de Oro emerged from being the victim of a natural disaster, to being the National Competitiveness Council's #1 Most Competitive City in the Philippines.

How was this accomplished? Watch this presentation and learn how Cagayan de Oro serves as a gleaming example of the full scope of USAID's work, from disaster relief, to recovery, to development. You will meet the De La Cruz family and see how each member benefited from USAID-led initiatives that set out to provide broad-based, inclusive growth for all Filipinos.

Last updated: April 20, 2018

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