Property Rights: Equal Share = Equal Love (Serbian)

The video aims to change social behaviour in Kosovo so more women gain what they are entitled too. Equal share of inheritance as they male members of the family. The PSA is in Serbian.

Video Transcript 
OFF* Father: Today is my daughter’s birthday. OFF* Father: My heart was beating so fast when I first took her into my hands. My first child… My own blood… Mother: Today we will bake her favorite cake. Mother: When she was little, she would always come to see her cake. And we would hide it in different places. Mother: They always protected each other. I was always proud of them. Father: We always did our best to raise our children right. Father: Today we are giving her something that belongs to her by law. Mother: Today we are giving them equal right to our property. Father: I always treated them equally because they are born equal and should be raised as equals. Mother: Parents must never favor one child. Everyone knows this.

Last updated: April 20, 2018

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