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Private sector is essential to Kosovo’s democratic and economic progress. Innovation, technology, employment, are only few of avenues that drive and sustain outcomes capable of moving Kosovo toward its journey to self-reliance.

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1 00:00:03,514 --> 00:00:06,702 When I talk about the private sector in Kosovo, 2 00:00:07,152 --> 00:00:09,226 I usually think of international reports, 3 00:00:09,251 --> 00:00:12,414 which show the situation in Kosovo, 4 00:00:12,497 --> 00:00:18,356 the challenges and flaws that we have, starting from the justice system. 5 00:00:18,440 --> 00:00:22,765 A system which is not really developed. 6 00:00:22,929 --> 00:00:31,007 When you learn about the backlog of unresolved cases the business sector, 7 00:00:31,263 --> 00:00:38,296 when you understand the level of corruption in those reports, where Kosovo ranks high. 8 00:00:38,321 --> 00:00:45,877 In spite of all these obstacles and challenges, in the end when you look at the private sector, it has nonetheless developed. 9 00:00:45,944 --> 00:00:50,947 The private sector continues to build a new Kosovo, a Kosovo full of opportunities. 10 00:00:51,417 --> 00:00:59,466 Considering all the challenges and phases that the private sector has gone through in these last 20 years of development, 11 00:00:59,613 --> 00:01:10,328 it has helped to create a new and skilled workforce and has taken on the burden of educating and developing the workforce. 12 00:01:10,741 --> 00:01:20,316 The private sector has taken action to promote the "MADE IN KOSOVO" brand all over the world, by exporting the products and services for the world to see. 13 00:01:20,544 --> 00:01:27,028 The sector which I know fully, Kosovo's Information and Communications Technology (ICT), has contributed a lot in the last 20 years 14 00:01:27,075 --> 00:01:37,507 to the creation of a community which today numbers over 3,500 developers, programmers and a lot of other workforce 15 00:01:37,532 --> 00:01:42,070 that perform the kind of work which did not exist before using the latest technologies. 16 00:01:42,293 --> 00:01:47,723 Personally, as Valon, I am contributing with all my capacities to the extent that's possible for me. 17 00:01:47,894 --> 00:01:56,942 What has influenced me to help and consider my commitment to develop the economic sector in Kosovo, 18 00:01:57,113 --> 00:02:02,023 is a program for which I have been in the United States. I was selected by the US Embassy. 19 00:02:02,197 --> 00:02:15,732 One of the points I learned was community organizing and community building which has a very important role to play. 20 00:02:15,798 --> 00:02:22,966 When we returned to Kosovo together with my colleagues, we started to actively participate in these organizations, 21 00:02:23,190 --> 00:02:29,436 associations and teams to be able to build our community for this sector. 22 00:02:29,728 --> 00:02:33,156 In the last 6-7 years, since I am actively involved in this type of work, 23 00:02:33,220 --> 00:02:43,549 I have contributed together with partners and friends such as UNDP, ICK, Universum, AUK, STIKK and various organizations, 24 00:02:43,604 --> 00:02:49,000 where we have created the sector or field of Social Media. 25 00:02:49,580 --> 00:02:56,629 I think with my work and commitment I have managed to inspire many others to follow the path that I have traversed.

Last updated: August 05, 2022

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