Powering Change in Rokota, Nigeria

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In Nigeria, Power Africa is supporting the World Bank and Rural Electrification Agency’s Nigeria Electrification Project to provide electricity access to off-grid communities through renewable power sources.
In 2019, PowerGen commissioned the first mini-grid under the Nigeria Electrification Project in the Rokota community. The 64 kw solar hybrid mini-grid and 60 kwh of battery storage is providing power to the Rokota Lwemp Health Clinic, which can now run a refrigerator to store medical supplies and provide light to treat patients. The mini-grid has a 10 km distribution network and is also supplying electricity to local businesses and over 400 households.

This video shows the benefit of healthcare electrification and how mini-grids can be used to light up off-grid communities across Nigeria and Africa.

Last updated: June 22, 2022

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