Persons with Disabilities Gain Access to Vocational Training Facilities

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USAID supported work at Vlora’s Regional Directorate of Public Professional Training and the Vocational School Number 1 in Tirana to make then accessible for persons with disabilities. Now persons with disabilities who want to take professional courses and enter the job market can attend courses independently and without physical barriers.  According to the 2011 census in Albania, 137,435 people over the age of 15 are living with disabilities. Many of these people are capable of learning a skill that could lead to a job or self-employment. State-run Professional Training Centers offer courses that could be adapted for persons with disabilities in subjects for which there is demand in the labor market. This project was made possible through USAID and two Albanian NGO's, Assist Impact and the Albanian Disability Rights Foundation.

Last updated: November 05, 2021

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