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A road is not just a way to get from one place to another.  Roads create opportunity. They connect farmers to markets, traders to buyers, children to schools, and travelers to destinations. 
The Kalat-Quetta Chaman road, which stretches from Chaman on the border with Afghanistan to the port city of Karachi, is a vital trade route for Pakistan and its regional neighbors. For years, sections of the road have been nearly impassable, limiting the movement of goods to new markets and isolating rural communities from badly needed services. 
After two years of construction, the road is again open. The daily streams of trucks barreling down the road are a sign of new possibilities for communities in remote corners of Pakistan. The highway is increasing trade and economic integration for Pakistan by connecting it with Afghanistan and its Central Asian neighbors.  

Truck Drivers:
-  With the completion of this road, travel time for us has reduced considerably.  Now we can reach Chaman in just 3 hours. 
- Now we can easily make 2 trips a day to Chaman. 

Shop Owner  
 - Business activity has increased many times over and that has brought employment and prosperity to this area. 

The Kalat-Quetta Chaman road is going a long way to improve the lives of the people of Balochistan, one of Pakistan’s most isolated regions, by expanding access to basic healthcare, education, and other social services.  

Local Community Representatives:
-  Now it is easier and faster when we have to transport patients to Quetta in emergency situations.  
-  Roadside businesses have flourished since the completion of this road. This road has really made our life easier. 

The Kalat-Quetta Chaman highway is one element of USAID’s $681.5 million FATA Infrastructure Program, which has restored essential public infrastructure in remote communities.  
This road is a concrete expression of the United States’ commitment to help bring peace, stability, and prosperity to Pakistan.  It is testament to the far-reaching benefits of a decades old partnership, as it will serve the people of Pakistan for generations to come. 

Last updated: November 30, 2022

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