Mother Tongue Reading in Ethiopia

Through its READ activity, USAID and Research Triangle Institute withed with the Ministry of Education to revise the mother tongue curriculum, develop textbooks and teachers' guides and train teachers to improve reading and writing proficiency in early primary grades as a foundation for future learning.

Video Transcript 
(00:27-00:32) In grade 2, it was difficult to understand the script. (00:33-00:35) Now, I can understand it well. (00:58-01:02) I’m happy about this book. (01:10-01:14) I teach at Girar Jarso Woreda, Elamu Primary School. (01:14-01:17) I’ve been teaching for 11 years. (01:17-01:20) I received important knowledge and skills from this training. (01:20- 01:23) Previously when I was teaching students, (01:23-01:26) I simply wrote on the blackboard and let them read it. (01:27-01:30) Now, I write one letter at a time and teach… (01:30-01:32) in a way very clear to the children. (01:33-01:38) Previously, teachers did everything by themselves. (01:38-01:41) Now, we have three things to do. (01:41-01:43) First, the teachers say it. (01:43-01:47) Then say it with the students. (01:47-01:50) Third, the students say it.

Last updated: April 20, 2018

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