On Her Own Two Feet

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Zubeida is one of millions of Indian women with a disability...women who often face gender-based violence. 

Born with polio, societal norms say that Zubeida's disability makes her an incomplete person, Despite this,  Zubeida has found inner strength to overcome obstacles that come her way.

In this short film in USAID’s Extreme Possibilities series, watch how Zubeida has learned about her rights and is finally living out her dream.

Video Transcript 
Extreme Hardship Extreme Instability Extreme Poverty Extreme Possibilities Kalwakurthy, India My name is Zubeida. I live in Kalwakurthy. I'm married. I have two children. I work as a tailor. When I was young I got polio. My leg became like this. I could not walk well, so my mother pulled me out of school. Because of polio I face many problems. I can't sit straight. If I walk for too long, I feel tired and my legs hurt. Because of polio I cannot do [housework] easily. But I am expected to do it because I am a woman. Disabled people are not viewed the same. They are not seen as normal people. If I were a man, I would not be treated the same way. A disabled woman like me is verbally abused. She is called "crippled." She is told she can't do anything. And some people also hit us. This hurts my heart very, very much. After coming to this program, I have learned a lot. Here, I've come to understand the rights of women---our rights---the rights of the disabled. There should be no violence against us. Now with my income from tailoring, my husband and I contribute equally to the family. My dream is to earn more money. If I have my own tailoring shop, I can earn more money. If I have more money, I can build my own house. And send my children to private school. After coming to this program, I have learned that my dreams can come true. I'm standing on my own two feet. I have changed a lot. I am a woman. I am disabled. I can do anything. That is my right. USAID is helping women like Zubeida advocate for their rights. And giving them the skills to fulfill their dreams.

Last updated: November 25, 2020

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