Henry and Carmi, chocolate entrepreneurs

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Henry and Carmi are a couple of chocolate entrepreneurs, creators of DIV chocolates that they produce in the Peruvian Amazon. With the support of the Peru Cacao Alliance, a USAID initiative, they have managed to improve the production and quality of their products. Their dream is to continue growing, selling in supermarket chains and exporting.

Video Transcript 
Henry: Chocolate entrepreneur An entrepreneurship is when you start from scratch. Despite being in an economic crisis, I decided to add value to the cacao we produce. I encouraged my family. We opened a chocolate shop, without having anything, but with a lot of faith. I started thinking that in order to make ourselves known, we needed to achieve something important. We contacted the Cacao Alliance, and they invited us to compete. Surprisingly, we won the best grain in the region, and then second place for the best encrusted chocolate, at the national level. The awards changed our lives, we became public figures. Doors were opened for us. Carmi Vega Chocolate entrepreneur The Cacao Alliance, financed by USAID, accompanied us with training. They taught us how to manage ourselves as a company. They taught us to formulate the profiles. We work with students who do their internships in food industries. Our biggest dream is to sell our products in supermarket chains and export. USAID THROUGH THE PERU CACAO ALLIANCE IS SUPPORTING 24 THOUSAND FAMILIES TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY OF THEIR CACAO CROPS, INCREASING THE VALUE OF THE PRODUCT AND ALLOWING THEM TO GET HIGHER INCOME. HENRY DÍAZ Chocolate entrepreneur I feel blessed to transform the grains, and turn them into chocolate, the most delicious delicacy in the world. And the best thing is that we process them right here, in the Peruvian Amazon. A few years ago, it was impossible to imagine something like this, because almost all chocolate shops were in big cities.

Last updated: June 22, 2022

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