Equal Love = Equal Share for our Daughters [ Albanian ]

USAID Property Rights changing social behaviour through Equal Love = Equal Share campaign. This PSA talks about love toward daughters and is in Albanian language. 

Video Transcript 
Daughter: So many memories in this house … Daughter: We would always fight over the cake; but, in the end, because of that cake we would love each other even more. Daughter: I hope that my mom and dad have baked my favorite cake for me. Daughter: I knew they wouldn’t forget my favorite cake. Daughter extra: I knew they wouldn’t forget! Daughter: I didn’t need this present to know that they love me as much as they love their son and that they treat us equally, because they have shown this to me constantly until now. But I have a right to an equal share of property, the same as my brother, and I will, of course, accept what belongs to me. Daughter: I will do the same for my children.

Last updated: June 25, 2018

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