Africa Indoor Residual Spraying in Ethiopia

The indoor residual spraying (IRS) activity, funded by the President's Malaria Initiative, implements 'best practice', environmentally-compliant IRS operations to reduce malaria transmission in selected zones and districts of Oromia. The activity conducts comprehensive entomological surveillance to monitor the biological and physiological impact of IRS on malaria vectors.

IRS is a proven and highly effective malaria control measure that involves the coordinated, timely spraying of the interior walls of homes with insecticides. The mosquitoes are killed when they rest on the walls. IRS is a key component of the National Malaria Prevention and Control Strategy in Ethiopia. In close partnership with the Oromia Regional Health Bureau, USAID has implemented the activity to date in 50 districts in Oromia. The activity supports IRS operations, procurements, logistics, monitoring and evaluation, and environmental compliance and control in the selected districts and is rapidly building national capacity for IRS.

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Last updated: June 18, 2018

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