Administrator Samantha Power at the World Bank Ministerial Roundtable for Support to Ukraine

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Thursday, April 21, 2022

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Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you to Wally for convening us, and to Prime Minister Shmyhal for joining all of us here today.

Your presence here during Spring Meetings is in many ways a reminder of what first inspired our Bretton Woods Institutions—multilateralism that could help repair Europe and prevent yet another global war.

Putin has chosen to attack Ukraine for exactly the values that animate these institutions —a desire for deeper economic integration, a commitment to fairness over corruption and greed, and a profound desire to live freely and self-govern.

So when we commit support to Ukraine, we are not just living up to the needs of the Ukrainian people, we are living up to the values we most cherish.

The additional $500 million announced today by President Biden means that the United States' total economic support to Ukraine is $1 billion in the last two months. As Wally shared this USAID funding will help sustain essential services and the emergency response. And it will help keep gas and electricity flowing to hospitals and schools, and support the salaries of civil servants.

And it will help demonstrate that democracies can deliver on behalf of their people, especially in times of crisis.

I am grateful for the continued engagement of our allies and multilateral institutions and I look forward to hearing from you all about what more we can do for the Ukrainian people.

Thank you.

Last updated: October 13, 2022

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