USAID Signs Development Partnership With Chile

For Immediate Release

Thursday, February 24, 2011
USAID Press Office

(Asuncion, Paraguay - February 23, 2011) Mark Lopes, USAID Deputy Administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean and Maria Cristina Lazo, Executive Director of the International Cooperation Agency of Chile (AgCI), signed a Memorandum of Understanding to pursue joint development cooperation in third countries. The two nations have also signed a trilateral agreement to help the Government of Paraguay strengthen its capacity in customs administration, export promotion and support to farmers.

Going forward, USAID and AgCI will collaborate to reduce poverty, strengthen institutions, improve economic development and expand economic and social inclusion across the Western Hemisphere.

"This Agreement is yet another step in advancing the Obama Administration's commitment to engage Latin American and Caribbean governments as equal partners in the region's sustainable development", Lopes said. "Chile has made remarkable strides in building an open, inclusive and prosperous society and we want to help promote the Chilean experience to help solve other challenges in the Hemisphere."

USAID and AgCI are partners for development. This agreement is being signed today, but the joint collaboration between Chile, the United States and Paraguay to identify specific areas of work has already begun" Lazo said. "We believe this is just the first step of many joint efforts in the future."

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