USAID Provides Equipment to South Sudan for Conflict Prevention

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
USAID Press Office

BOR, SOUTH SUDAN - USAID today handed over five speedboats to South Sudan's Jonglei State government, to help state authorities deter threats to community security in a part of South Sudan that has experienced significant intercommunal violence this year.

By providing these speedboats along with accessories including lifejackets and 25 barrels of fuel to the state Ministry of Local Government and county authorities, USAID will further enhance the government's capacity to reach isolated counties and deter emerging community security threats.

Delivery of this security-enhancing equipment is part of USAID's program to support stability and prevent conflict in South Sudan by helping to extend the presence of state authority in isolated and conflict-prone regions, including Jonglei State.

Due to limited road infrastructure and rains that flood the area for many months of the year, many payams (sub-county administrative units) are cut off from county headquarters, which are themselves isolated from the state capital, Bor. River transport is often the only means to reach remote areas in the rainy season.

"We know that there is an inextricable link between peace and development," Deputy Mission Director Peter Natiello told the crowd assembled at the Nile River in Bor. "And we know that the development that we seek to support the citizens of Jonglei with will not be possible unless we work together on the security issues, to help achieve peace. We're happy to support the efforts of the local government in Jonglei."

USAID has provided substantial transportation and communication support in a number of key conflict-prone counties in South Sudan, improving information flows between counties and payams and helping local government authorities monitor emerging threats with equipment including satellite phones, high-frequency radios, and motorbikes. In Jonglei state alone, USAID has distributed 60 satellite phones to county and payam officials, and 17 Codan high-frequency radios to improve communication between authorities. The communication equipment has already enabled local authorities to prevent cattle raids, which can become deadly, by warning communities at risk.

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