USAID, National Geographic promote Albania and the Western Balkans Region

Temple ruins (Monument of Agonothetes)in Apollonia
Temple ruins (Monument of Agonothetes)in Apollonia

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Monday, June 18, 2012
Stephanie Pepi
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WASHINGTON, JUNE 18-22, 2012   - Thanks to the support of USAID, Albania is one of six countries featured in the Western Balkans Geotourism Mapguide – Land of Discovery, an interactive web-portal hosted by the National Geographic and available on . The portal, publicly launched June 18-22 at the headquarters of the National Geographic in Washington D.C., presents the traditions, heritage, culture and exciting geotourism opportunities in the Western Balkans. Residents, visitors, tourism organizations, and local businesses in each country nominated the featured sites for travellers in search of unique destinations and authentic experiences. 

Through this partnership, USAID is helping the region benefit from the National Geographic's considerable expertise in promoting the Western Balkans as a world-class destination, while contributing to its economic health and encouraging sustainable tourism development according to the well-known principles of geotourism stewardship.  Tourism is recognized as an important sector for regional collaboration in order to help the Western Balkans economies, including Albania, weather the effects of the European economic crisis while building country and regional competitiveness.  More importantly, tourism stands in a special position to economically and socially benefit local communities while raising support for environmental conservation.

About USAD’s Rritje Albania project:  Rritje Albania, USAID’s Competitive Enterprise Development project, promotes sustained, broad-based economic growth in Albania by expanding trade and investment, increasing enterprise productivity, and improving Albania’s workforce. The project assists non-agricultural enterprises in becoming more competitive, increasing sales, and creating additional jobs. For more information on USAID/Albania’s initiatives in Tourism, visit  or contact Rritje Albania at .

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