USAID and Minister for Cooperative Development Join Youth Leaders to Launch Two Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies in Kenya’s Central Region

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Thika, Kenya October 26, 2012 -- The National Youth Bunge Association (NYBA) launched two youth-led and youth-managed Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs).  Joining the youth leaders were the Minister for Cooperative Development and Marketing, the Hon. Joseph W.N. Nyagah and Dr. Roger Steinkamp, Youth Advisor in the Education and Youth Office, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), who issued registration certificates to the County Youth Bunge SACCO Cooperative Management Committees.

The SACCOs were established by the USAID-supported National Youth Bunge Association (NYBA) to motivate youth to form economic-oriented self-help groups. The NYBA approached the Ministry of Cooperative Development and Marketing and USAID to help them form county SACCOs to serve as a safe place for youth savings and as a source of loans for youth bunge members.  The NYBA leadership emphasized that these SACCOs will be controlled, managed and driven by youth. 

The Hon. Joseph W.N. Nyagah said, “I am proud of what the NYBA has achieved so far, but the obligation is now on the Association to ensure continuity.  The United States Government has done its part and it is now your time to run with the process.”

Jack Muiruri, Murang'a County President and NYBA Board member, spoke on behalf of fellow bunge members when he said, “It is time for Kenyan youth to cultivate a culture of saving and investing in projects that will ensure long term benefits instead of engaging in petty offenses and violence.”

Since 2010, USAID has supported the formation of the National Youth Bunge Association, county-level bunge forums and village-level bunges as part of the three-year, $45 million Yes Youth Can program. 

“This concept of a youth-owned, youth-led, and youth-managed network that democratically elects its leadership has clearly resonated with the youth of Kenya.  There are now nearly 20,000 village Bunges nationwide with membership of approximately 1 million youth”, said Dr. Roger Steinkamp, Youth Advisor in the Education and Youth Office, USAID/Kenya.  “By supporting youth to harness their economic power through youth-managed SACCOs, USAID is creating conditions where our assistance will no longer be necessary.”

Yes Youth Can, the largest USAID-supported youth program in the world, works in 25 of Kenya’s 47 counties.  Youth bunges are registered as self-help groups with the Ministry of Gender & Social Development.  The program provides support for the economic development of Kenya’s youth in their communities such as jobs, community service, responsible leadership, investments, and partnerships.  NYBA leaders are elected democratically beginning at the village level.

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