U.S. and El Salvador Advance Partnership for Growth Agreement

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
USAID Press Office

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Continuing the momentum of the recently signed Partnership for Growth joint country action plan, the governments of the United States and El Salvador today finalized a framework for monitoring and evaluating the five-year effort.

"Our shared commitment to Partnership for Growth allows us to meet key deadlines and to move forward as partners in an open and transparent way," said Mark Lopes, USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The monitoring and evaluation framework will track progress towards meeting the following goals:

  • Reducing the national homicide rate
  • Improving the public perception of insecurity
  • Increasing prosecutions and convictions as percentage of violent crimes reported
  • Generating per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth
  • Increasing exports as a percentage of GDP
  • Raising foreign direct investments as percentage of GDP

"The collaborative process to develop this framework has been instrumental in reaching this deadline," said Jim Parks, Deputy Vice-President for Policy and Evaluation at the Millennium Challenge Corporation. "Together, we will hold ourselves mutually accountable and be able to measure success throughout the next five years."

El Salvador is one of four countries participating in the Partnership for Growth, a signature effort of President Obama's global development policy. The United States is working with the Philippines, Ghana and Tanzania on similar partnerships to accelerate and sustain broad-based economic growth.

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