United States Hosts International Engagement Conference

An Open Dialogue with the Government of South Sudan

For Immediate Release

Monday, November 28, 2011
USAID Press Office

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The United States will host the International Engagement Conference for South Sudan December 14-15 in Washington, D.C., to honor the new nation and commence a development and investment dialogue with the Government of South Sudan. The conference will outline the Government of South Sudan's strategic development priorities and highlight opportunities for engagement with public and private sector partners. The conference will also include officials from the United Kingdom, Norway, Turkey, the European Union, the United Nations, the African Union, the World Bank, the International Finance Corporation, the Corporate Council on Africa, and InterAction.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator Rajiv Shah are scheduled to speak during the two-day event, as well as foreign officials, development ministers, and private sector and NGO leaders. Participation in the conference is limited to invited guests. Portions of the event will be open to the press.

The conference builds on the U.S. Government's long partnership with the people of South Sudan. As the lead donor of humanitarian and development assistance for decades, the United States has helped to support the people of South Sudan as they establish peace and secure the strategic tools needed to build a nation.

The first day of the conference will focus on those development and policy priorities of the Government of South Sudan that will serve as the key architectural components for the new nation. South Sudan President Salva Kiir will articulate his vision for the development of his country, and Secretary Clinton will outline the U.S. Government's commitment to South Sudan being able to meet its development challenges. Government, private sector, and civil society members will discuss issues such as managing oil revenues, delivering valuable social services such as education and health care, strengthening government institutions, and building the country's human capital.

The second day of the conference will focus on private sector and investment opportunities in South Sudan, in line with the priorities of the Government of South Sudan. This will include discussions of high-priority sectors such as oil and renewable energy, agriculture, and communications technology. The conference will also include discussions of policies to develop a business-enabling environment, for example, through infrastructure and financial services.

For more information about USAID South Sudan programs, please visit www.usaid.gov//where-we-work/africa/south-sudan.

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