Thousands of Participants from Around the World Continue to Connect Via the Internet to Discuss Critical Global Issues

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010
USAID Press Office

WASHINGTON D.C. - Global Pulse 2010, the three-day online collaboration session focused on creating solutions to critical global challenges, is gaining momentum as thousands of participants sign on to share ideas that will build a stronger global community.

During the first 63 hours of Global Pulse 2010 there were 14,000 total logins and 9,000 posts from participants in over 150 countries. Robust discussions are forming around a wide variety of topics from democratizing democracy, to human trafficking, to renewable energy development.

Since the launch of the event March 29, nearly 4,000 new participants have registered to take part in this event that will assemble a consortium of concerned global citizens who would have never met otherwise. The diversity of culture, tradition, and personal experience will enable the creation of truly innovative ideas that result in novel solutions.

U.S. Government officials, CEOs of non-profits, and celebrities are joining the conversation to ensure Global Pulse 2010 builds a strong foundation for future global engagement activity.

USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah, and's CEO Nancy Lubin have already signed on. Today, Africa's best-selling pop musician Youssou N'Dour, the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies Executive Director Daliah Mogahed, and Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation Director Sonal Shah will join the conversation to close the event with a final call for great new ideas.

To join the conversation or find out more information visit: Registration is free; the event closes March 31at 7 p.m. Eastern Time.

Anyone who is interested in staying connected to this group of engaged citizens after the event closes is welcomed to become a fan and follow Global Pulse 2010 on Facebook.


Wednesday 31st

12 p.m. EST

Mary Mazzio, CEO of 50 EGGS FILMS

Advancing Entrepreneurship, Trade & Economic Opportunity

1 p.m. EST

Sonal Shah, White House Director Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation

Advancing Entrepreneurship, Trade & Economic Opportunity

1 p.m. EST

Junia Puglia, Manager of a Programme Area at UNIFEM

Promoting Global Health

1 p.m. EST

Dina Powell, Manager Goldman Sachs

Empowering Women and Girls

2 p.m. EST

Youssou N'Dour, Africa's Best-Selling pop musician and Roll Back Malaria Ambassador

Promoting Global Health

3 p.m. EST

Oguchi Nkwocha, Author and Igbo Visionary; Biafra-Southeastern Nigeria

Exercising Political and Civil Rights

6:30 p.m. EST

Zainab Salbi, President of Women for Women International

Empowering Women and Girls



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