Statement by Administrator Shah on Private Sector Partnerships for Development

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
USAID Press Office

Ten years ago, the global community came together in an unprecedented display of unity to adopt the Millennium Development Goals – a set of eight goals to guide global efforts to alleviate extreme poverty by 2015 and meet the needs of the world’s most vulnerable populations. The 8th Goal – Develop a Global Partnership for Development – challenged donor countries to partner and provide more sustainable assistance to the developing world.

At today’s UN Private Sector Forum, USAID joined 10 members of the international bilateral donor community in issuing a Joint Donor Statement on Private Sector Partnerships for Development. This statement recognizes the tremendous impact that private sector actors can have on development and outlines key principles for renewing our commitment to develop partnerships with the private sector to meet the Millennium Development Goals.

USAID is a pioneer in public-private partnerships for development. Through our successful Global Development Alliance model, USAID has brought together over 3,000 unique partners in over 1,000 partnerships to address key development challenges. We will continue to develop new alliance models and tools to promote effective partnerships with businesses, foundations, and associations to drive economic growth and development.

Through innovative public-private alliances, the development community can facilitate access to broader financing options and invest in the world’s most disadvantaged countries at less risk. Additionally, private sector companies can bring fresh perspectives to addressing the principal development challenges of our day – from food security and global health, to climate change and inclusive economic growth.

USAID is proud to work with other donor countries and partners to help the world achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

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