Administrator Samantha Power on the Attempted Seizure of Power in Sudan

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The United States strongly condemns the failed attempt by members of the Sudanese security forces to seize power from Sudan’s Civilian-Led Transitional Government (CLTG). These actions sought to undermine the will of the Sudanese people, who made extraordinary sacrifices during the 2019 revolution to end the country’s brutal dictatorship and who continue working for a democratic, peaceful, and prosperous future shared by all Sudanese.  We stand with the people of Sudan and the CLTG, and strongly oppose any attempts to disrupt Sudan’s transitional process. 

During my recent visit to Sudan, I saw this hopeful, yet fragile, transition to democracy up close. I met with government leaders, student activists, refugees, and journalists who spoke about the progress that had been won after decades of oppression, as well as the urgent need to accelerate the pace of change on many fronts. Like so many others, I am deeply inspired by their dedication to achieving a democratic, inclusive, and peaceful future benefiting all Sudanese. The United States remains committed – alongside allies in the region and around the world – to supporting the continuation of Sudan’s historic transition toward democracy, and to working with actors across Sudan to advance critically needed progress on economic, judicial, governance, human rights, and security reforms. 

Last updated: December 06, 2022

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