Seeking New Applicants for USAID's Development Innovation Ventures

For Immediate Release

Monday, June 27, 2011
USAID Press Office

WASHINGTON, DC - The second Annual Program Statement (APS) for USAID's Development Innovation Ventures program was released last week. This APS, which serves as a call for applications, reflects input from a wide range of stakeholders.

DIV is a mechanism for working with partners to identify and rigorously test potential development solutions, and helping to scale only those that are proven to produce development impact. DIV encourages entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses, academics, NGOs, and others to submit proposals for innovations that address development challenges more effectively and more cheaply and have the potential to substantially improve development outcomes, rather than incremental changes. The DIV model emphasizes testing potential solutions and rigorously evaluating impact - often through randomized control trials - in order to identify what works and what does not, and helping scale only those solutions proven to produce development outcomes.

The DIV funding model utilizes staged financing to maximize cost-effectiveness and minimize risk. The first stage is a proof of concept stage, and funding at this stage is capped at $100,000, the second stage focuses on rigorous evidence and demonstrated cost-effectiveness and scalability, typical funding at this stage is $1 million. The final stage aims to scale the innovation widely to millions of people across countries and expected funding ranges from $2-15 million. Applicants can apply at any stage, and those who have received funding at a prior stage do not automatically advance to the next stage. Learn more about DIV grants and how to apply at our website:

Fact sheets on DIV grants can be accessed at

For more information on applying for a DIV grant, please visit:

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