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The United States, through USAID, will contribute more than $5 million to help strengthen the use of data to better anticipate, prevent, and respond to complex risks in crisis-affected settings and rapidly respond to emergencies through the Complex Risk Analytics Fund. The Fund is administered by the United Nations Secretariat and United Nations Development Program Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office.

USAID’s groundbreaking contribution, which makes the United States the largest donor to this fund, will help provide data to support people and organizations to make better decisions about how to assist people hit by disasters and war. The fund provides money to organizations that expand shared capabilities for using data to better anticipate, prevent, and respond to complex risks such as floods, droughts, and conflicts. The data investment, which works in partnership with the United Nations Early Warning for All initiative, will speed up global humanitarian response and help organizations act earlier in crisis settings. 

This contribution will combine efforts with other leading donors to create an efficient and predictable funding stream for key parts of the humanitarian system that generate, analyze, and share key data for USAID decision-makers and the wider humanitarian community of governments, UN agencies, non-governmental organizations, and people themselves who are hit by disasters around the world. No single actor is able to unlock the full multilateral data and analytics potential on their own. 

The ultimate impact of this work will be more lives saved, more resilient communities and better outcomes for people hit by disasters and wars across the world.

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