U.S. Agency for International Development Administrator Mark Green's Gaggle with Press After Meetings with Senior Government Officials


For Immediate Release

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dhaka, Bangladesh
May 16, 2018

ADMINISTRATOR GREEN: So, first, the purpose of my visit is to learn. It was a chance for me to visit Cox's Bazar and to learn and see for myself, with my own eyes, and also to speak to people, both the Rohingya, as well, of course, Bangladesh's government but local leaders. In terms of this meeting, it's a chance to celebrate the partnership between Bangladesh and the United States -- all that has been achieved on so many fronts. And so that was the principal part of the conversation.

QUESTION: And you are providing a lot of assistance [inaudible]? Yesterday you announced a new package. Do you think that the other countries, other agencies [inaudible]?

ADMINISTRATOR GREEN: That is a very good question. So, let me answer it this way. We do believe that other countries should step up and do more. This is the time of need for the Rohingya people but also, of course, for their hosts, the Bangladeshis and both local communities and the Government of Bangladesh, which has shown, I think, remarkable hospitality and has been very warmly supportive to those poor people during their time of need. I do believe that the U.S. should be joined by others in helping to provide support assistance.

QUESTION: Because the Rohingya deportation is far away [inaudible] and they're going to [inaudible] monsoon, so -- [inaudible].

ADMINISTRATOR GREEN: Well, I would put it this way. More importantly, we also understand that the monsoons are coming. This is a time of need. And during a time of need, I think all of those of us who believe in supporting human existence and human beings and families, it is time for us to do our part and be supportive. The U.S. announced some assistance in the last couple of days. This is not the first time, of course. It will not be the last time. We are trying to help your government with its generous support for the Rohingyas.

QUESTION: And from now are you are traveling to Myanmar?

ADMINISTRATOR GREEN: I will be getting -- The most important thing, again, is my job is to listen, to learn. I will talk to people in Burma about what I have seen here, but I will also listen to them and carry a message back to the Secretary of State as we make important decisions in the future.

MODERATOR: Thank you. Thank you everyone. Thank you, Ambassador.

QUESTION: Can I ask a question? Only one [inaudible].

AMBASSADOR BERNICAT: Sure. First and foremost, it was very encouraging that a wide array of parties participated in the elections. We wanted the election to be inclusive, absolutely. And so, we congratulate everyone for that. We're disappointed, however, to hear reports of irregularities and intimidation and even worse, violence, and call for -- as these things will happen -- a full and transparent investigation to be made into these. And further, to call on all parties to stay within the boundaries of rule of law in future elections. We know that there were people who pledged to do that for these elections, so.

QUESTION: But the point of the [inaudible] --

AMBASSADOR BERNICAT: Again, the fact that all parties were participating? Absolutely fantastic. The fact that there were reported irregularities and intimidation and violence? Very disappointing. Those should be investigated. There are mechanisms to do that so that it doesn't happen again. Thank you.

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