USAID Administrator Mark Green's Meeting With Nicaraguan Civil Society


For Immediate Release

Thursday, June 7, 2018
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The following is attributable to Spokesperson Clayton M. McCleskey:

On Wednesday, Administrator Green met with representatives of Nicaraguan civil society and students in the wake of ongoing violence in that country. He heard stories of suffering under the oppression of the Ortega regime, as well as stories of great courage and bravery from young people who are working to build a peaceful, democratic future for Nicaragua. The Administrator expressed solidarity with the people of Nicaragua, and condemned the atrocities committed by the Ortega regime, such as using police and government-controlled armed groups to target student protestors and civil society directly and purposefully. He expressed his grave concern over spurious allegations against civil-society activists, students, and independent journalists, and the jailing of several human-rights defenders. USAID urges the Nicaraguan Government to end the violence, respect human rights, and implement fully the recommendations of the independent Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. The Administrator discussed the importance of civil society to the future of Nicaragua, even as the Ortega regime's actions cast a dark shadow on the country. He thanked the civil society representatives and students for their courage and patriotism, and pledged USAID's support for those who work for a peaceful, free, vibrant, and democratic Nicaragua.

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