USAID Launches First Strategy to Advance Development in a Digital Age

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020
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Today, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) released its first ever Digital Strategy, which charts an Agency-wide vision for development and humanitarian assistance through the responsible use of digital technology in the world's rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Building on decades of USAID's leadership in digital development, the Strategy outlines a continued commitment to strengthen open, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystems in each country in which USAID works.

Click to read USAID's Digital Strategy

The Digital Strategy, which USAID will implement over the course of five years, will equip USAID's staff, empower partners, improve internal processes, and shape effective and efficient programming to meet USAID's objectives.

Four billion people, nearly half the world's population, do not have access to the Internet. By working with governments, donors, and the private sector, USAID will help women and men live freer, healthier, and more prosperous lives while contributing to the goal of ending the need for foreign assistance.

Now more than ever, as the global development community works to deliver life-saving assistance and relay crucial information in the face of COVID-19, the enabling role of digital technology is undeniable. The pandemic has disrupted daily life and forced physical distancing, which makes the Internet and mobile telephony even more indispensable. It is more important than ever for USAID to help communities within our partner countries to advance on the Journey to Self-Reliance by helping them create and maintain robust digital ecosystems that are open, inclusive, secure, and of benefit to all.

Digital technology, including the Internet, is a powerful tool that can transform lives, spur economic growth, and improve development outcomes for many. USAID is committed to working toward a future in which digital technology empowers all, including the most vulnerable.

Please visit USAID's Digital Strategy page for more information on this topic.

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Last updated: August 04, 2020

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