USAID Mission Director Launched a New Project, Promoting Gender Equality in Employment

Thursday, June 26, 2014
Stephen M. Haykin, USAID/Caucasus Mission Director and the First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Chairman of the Gender Equality Committee Manana Kobakhidze at the launch of USAID’s new project.
Maka Japaridze, USAID/Georgia

On June 25th, Stephen M. Haykin, USAID/Caucasus Mission Director, launched Promoting Gender Equality in Employment project. USAID’s Promoting Gender Equality in Employment Project is a locally-driven initiative, developed by Article 42 of the Constitution. The project will conduct training for employers, employees and youth in Tbilisi and ten regions of Georgia. Further, the project will study court decisions related to labor disputes made in the past five years along with relevant legislation and foreign practice, draft an assessment report, and submit recommendations to the Georgian Parliament regarding legal amendments to advance gender equality. It will also develop guidelines for equal employment opportunities for large business, prepare shadow reports for International Labor Organization and Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, protect victims of discrimination on the grounds of sex at work-place, at both national and international levels, and prepare publications, video clips, and a web-site dedicated to the elimination of discrimination at work-place.

The Project will be implemented by Article 42 of the Constitution and its partners, Center for Social Sciences at Tbilisi State University (CSS), Georgian Trade Union Confederation (GTUC), New Media Advocacy Project (N-Map), and Jumpstart Georgia.

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