Rocking with Young Entrepreneurs!

Monday, December 10, 2012
Marketing expert Yll Rugova discusses the role of branding at first Rock Entrepreneurial Monday
USAID YEP Program staff

If you’re interested in starting or expanding your own business, this is something you should know – USAID’s Young Entrepreneurs Program is sponsoring a special event on a Monday evening once a month to provide an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, make contacts and get advice from business professionals. The event, which also is supported by Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK) and IPKO Hej! telecommunications company, is called “Rock Entrepreneurial Monday” because it is held at Pristina’s Filikaqa Sports and Events Bar, which has live music. Each event features food and drinks and has a different theme. “The Role of Marketing in Getting Clients and Investors” was the theme of the first event, which was on December 3rd. About 100 young people participated, and three guest speakers discussed market research expertise, social media, the importance of branding, and types of marketing. The next event will be held on a Monday in February. Stay tuned for details!

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