Practical Skills Lead to Permanent Job

Monday, November 18, 2019
Tabasom providing treatment to a patient.

After two years of study, Tabasom Hasib gained her Physiotherapy degree, but lacked the confidence to pursue a job in this field. Her courses focused heavily on theory and provided little practical, real world training.

Fortunately, Tabasom heard about a Physiotherapy course offered by USAID’s Women in the Economy’s Forward Together Scholarship program. This program provides job-specific skills development courses that give beneficiaries practical, on-the-job training in demand-driven skills in healthcare services. Tabasom applied to the program and after passing the interview, she attended the four and half month-long course. After completing the course, she had the knowledge and skills to take and pass the Ministry of Public Health exam that certified her as a recognized physiotherapist and qualified her for a government job.

As a result of her certification, Tabasom gained a permanent position as a physiotherapist in a government-run hospital in Herat. With the practical training to support her theoretical knowledge, she now has the confidence to treat patients. In addition, she still has access to her trainers. “After completion of the course, we still get assistance from our trainers. For example, I have a patient who has a severe muscular skeletal disease and with my trainer’s assistance I can help her manage her condition,” said Tabsom.

Female patients at the hospital are also very happy that there are female physiotherapists with whom they can consult. It is not uncommon for female patients to be unwilling to consult a male practitioner.

Last updated: December 15, 2019

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