Launch of the book “Madre de Dios: refuge of native peoples"

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Thursday, October 1, 2020
Book Madre de Dios, Refuge of native peoples
Thomas J. Müller

In a virtual event by FaceBook Live and Zoom, with the participation of prestigious researchers and distinguished academic personalities, as well as leaders of indigenous peoples, the book "Madre de Dios, refuge of native peoples" was presented.  This book of more than 500 pages, edited by Dr. María Chavarría, Dr. Klaus Rummenhöller and Dr. Thomas Moore, collects through 13 articles by various authors and testimonies of 9 indigenous leaders, the pre-history, history, culture, knowledge and challenges of the indigenous peoples of Madre de Dios, such as the Harakbut, Ese-eja, Yine, Matsigenka, Kichwa Runa, Shipibo and Amahuaca. 

This publication also seeks to contribute to the understanding of the indigenous world. The participation of indigenous peoples is essential to improve governance, human rights, prevent and resolve conflicts, reduce poverty and achieve sustainable management of the environment.  The book has been published with the support of the Amazon Regional Environmental Program (AREP) of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Madre de Dios: Refugio de pueblos originarios

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