Connecting New Engineers with Employment Opportunities in the Energy Sector

Monday, September 30, 2019
Energy Interns finalize their internships
Ardian Kurtolli, USAID

Increasing the attractiveness of the energy sector for young engineers and other professionals is important for the future of Kosovo’s energy sector.  Efforts supported by USAID toward meeting the skilled-labor shortage in the energy sector show remarkable results as short-term internships lead to job opportunities for young professionals.

Six rounds of four-month internships with leading energy sector institutions—Energy Regulatory Office (ERO); Kosovo Transmission, System and Market Operator (KOSTT); and Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK)—are slowly filling the professional gap.  A total of 95 students, 63 percent of whom are women, from the University of Pristina and American University of Kosovo participated in the internships and will soon be able to fill the gap created by retiring energy professionals.   As a result of the experiences they gained during the internships, 41 students have already secured jobs.

Kosovo’s energy sector is facing a staffing shortage due to an aging workforce in the energy sector and a lack of investment in vocational schools that could develop the skills of future energy professionals.  Over a period of three years, USAID’s REPOWER project facilitated an internship program to begin meeting this demand.  The program provided future energy-sector professionals the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the business processes within key energy-sector institutions.  The internships help ensure that institutional expertise carries over to the new generation of professionals and provide young engineers an entry point into Kosovo’s energy sector.

Last updated: December 20, 2019

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