Certification of the first digital citizens

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Certification of the first digital citizens

August 13th, 2014. Chazuta San Martín.
USAID and CEDRO through its Digital Inclusion Program gave for the first time certificates in Digital Literacy to citizens of different communities in the San Martin region, charactherized for having little access to potentially transformative technologies.
The Digital Inclusion Program has established 25 technology centers across San Martin, Ucayali and Huanuco.  In these centers people from the surrounding communities, through customized training models, receive classes on how to use technology to improve their livelihoods, income, businesses and quality of life.
In the ceremony 53 people from Chazuta, Alto El Sol, Lamas and Tarapoto received certificates after completing the advance Digital Literacy Course which includes financial education, social media and computer courses like Word, Excell, and Power Point.
The ceremony was chaired by the Chazuta Major  Mr. Alex Chujandama, CEDRO Director Mr. Percy Subauste and USAID Alternative Development Office Chief Mr. Rory Donohue. 

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