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Monday, March 25, 2019
Najiba Ayubi, AWRT, Shafiqa Habibi, AWJU and Farida Nekzad, CPAWJ at strategy meeting

The Federation of Afghan Media Associations and Entities, comprised of fifteen Afghan journalists’ support groups and unions, is an influential mobiliser of the media community in Afghanistan. With the support of the USAID-funded Rasana Program implemented by Internews, three female journalists support groups, the Afghanistan Women Journalists Union, (AWJU) the Centre for the Protection of Afghan Women Journalists, (CPAWJ) and the Association for Women in Radio and TV, (AWRT) developed gender guidelines to create a positive environment for women in the media to actively participate in Federation matters. “We will work with other Federation members to implement the gender policy that will help change the mindset of the Federation with regard to the role of female members, and help us to raise the issues of women in media in Afghanistan,” says Najiba Ayubi of AWRT.

Rasana Women in Media Grant Funds are also helping the three female journalist support groups to develop their own capacity to be strong and active members within the Federation. Shafiqa Habibi of AWJU says, “It has given us the opportunity to develop the skills of other women in the media so that they can play leadership roles in promoting women’s participation in the Afghan media”.

As leaders of the three female journalist groups in the Federation, these women are also mindful of their own contribution as role models for women in an environment of cultural, social and security constraints. According to Farida Nekzad of CPAWJ, “Most importantly, we have been able to collaborate and come together for our common goal of taking up issues like professional training, discrimination and sexual harassment, and the safety of women journalists for the promotion of women in the media”.

Last updated: October 22, 2020

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