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Launched in April 2014, USAID’s Jordan School Expansion Project works with the Ministries of Education and Public Works and Housing and multiple local construction firms to expand public schools and improve access to quality basic education across Jordan. The Jordan School Expansion Project improves efficiency, student and staff circulation, and safety within schools so that principals and teachers can better supervise spaces.

In partnership with both the Ministry of Public Works & Housing and the Ministry of Education, USAID Jordan’s Education Infrastructure project builds, furnishes, and expands schools, and improves school infrastructure. These services include assessments, feasibility studies, designs, capacity building, operations and maintenance, customer service, and financial support. The objectives of these services are to reduce overcrowding and double-shifts in Ministry schools, provide safe access to students with disabilities, ensure equitable learning environments, and improve the resilience of children and youth in Jordan.

To ensure that government partners have the necessary skills and resources to effect change in the education and youth sectors, the Technical Assistance Program transforms the organizational culture and increases the institutional capacity within the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth. The activity complements the direct financing that USAID provides to the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth by building the capacity of Ministry staff in technical areas such as Arabic literacy, mathematics, science, and English, and in operational areas, including procurement, human resources, and information management.

In 2012, with USAID support, the Ministry of Education (MOE) conducted its first ever National Reading and Mathematics Assessment for children in Grades 2 and 3. The Assessment revealed that the majority of grade two students were not fluent readers and lacked foundational literacy and numeracy skills.

In response, USAID and MOE rolled out the Early Grade Reading and Mathematics Initiative (RAMP), a national program to provide students in Kindergarten 2, Grade 1, 2, and 3 with these foundational skills. This initiative supports Jordan’s stability and prosperity by preparing Jordan’s youngest learners for success so that as adults they can contribute to a growing economy.

The USAID Mission in Ukraine continues to transform its programming to meet the urgent needs of the Ukrainian people following Russia’s invasion. All USAID/Ukraine programs remain active and we continue to invest in more than 40 activities run by more than 700 implementing partner staff still in the country. All of this helps to make Ukraine stronger, more democratic, and more prosperous, and helps Ukrainians realize the promise of the Revolution of Dignity.


Last updated: June 27, 2022

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