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Land tenure has been one of the main causes of Colombia’s protracted armed conflict.

Since 2011, the U.S. Government has supported the Government of Colombia’s (GOC) Low Carbon Development Strategy, a key initiative to mitigate climate change.

USAID’s Investing for Peace activity generates inclusive rural economic growth in Colombia’s marginalized areas through private sector investments. 

The Consolidation and Enhanced Livelihoods Initiative – Northern/Southern Regions (CELI N/S) program supports the Government of Colombia’s (GOC) effort to enhance state presence and economic development in conflict-affected regions.

The Colombia Clean Energy Program (CCEP) partners with the Government of Colombia’s (GOC) energy entities, municipal governments, local community organizations, municipal organizations, and the private sector to achieve clean energy goals. 

March 2017 marks two years since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-led Coalition began airstrikes on Al Houthi and allied forces in Yemen. An estimated 17 million people in Yemen are experiencing acute levels of food insecurity—an increase of 20 percent since June 2016.

Программа өлкөдөгү сот системасынын көз карандысыздыгын жана натыйжалуулугун күчөтүп, ак ниеттүүлүгүнө өбөлгө болот.

Бул долбоор, Кыргыз Республикасында сот адилеттүүлүктү орнотуу, коомчулуктун сот ишине ишенимин арттыруу жана мамлекеттин туруктуулугун камсыз кылуу максатында, адвокаттардын жана келечек-муун юристтердин билим деңгээлин жана кесиптик мүмкүнчүлүктөрүн жогорулатууга багытталган.

USAID’s Producers to Market Alliance (PMA) seeks to strengthen legal economies in these areas by increasing the competitiveness of licit producers and the value of licit products. 

The Wonders of the Mekong project will conduct applied research, build capacity, and develop outreach and communications products to highlight the economic, ecological, and cultural values of biodiversity and ecosystem services associated with the Lower Mekong River. The outputs and resulting products, developed as an integrated package, will lead to better protection of a vibrant and healthy Lower Mekong system.


Last updated: December 15, 2017

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