USAID Announces New Efforts to Deepen Cooperation with Canada and Mexico at North American Leaders’ Summit

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Yesterday, during the North American Leaders’ Summit, President Biden announced new efforts that will deepen U.S.-Mexico-Canada cooperation throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. USAID will work with AMEXCID (the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation for Development / La Agencia Mexicana de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo) and the Canadian Global Affairs Department to undertake the following efforts in support of the commitments made today by President Biden, President López Obrador of Mexico, and Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada.

Address the impacts of climate change throughout the region

  • USAID, in collaboration with AMEXCID, will expand efforts to ensure that the people of the region are able to adapt to and address the impacts of climate change. This will include working with cities and states in Mexico on energy efficiency. In addition, USAID and AMEXCID will partner in southern Mexico to help more than 40,000 small-folder farmers raise incomes by increasing access to markets and implementing environment-friendly agricultural practices in areas where deforestation is most acute.

Address the root causes of irregular migration and foster hope and opportunity for the people of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras

  • Building upon successful USAID programs in the region, USAID, AMEXCID, and the Canadian Global Affairs Department will work together to address the development challenges that are driving Central Americans to attempt the dangerous journey north.
  • In addition, USAID and AMEXCID will partner to provide Honduran youth with skills and experience that will lead to long-term employment, and support increased incomes for rural farmers, reducing the risk of irregular migration.

USAID will work through various partners, including non-governmental organizations, civil society, the private sector, and faith-based organizations to implement these programs throughout the region. USAID is committed to working with Mexico, Canada, and our partners in the region to promote peace and prosperity for the people of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Last updated: November 19, 2021

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