U.S. – Chile Trilateral Cooperation Fact Sheet

The United States and Chile partner on trilateral cooperation activities to work with countries to increase citizen security and promote agriculture and food safety.  The joint efforts maximize resources and expertise to help impact development strategies in a third country.

Through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Chilean International Cooperation Agency (AGCI), the countries have worked together in Central and South America and will now assist the Dominican Republic with at-risk youth.

Trilateral Cooperation Successes to Date:

  • Paraguay:  U.S. and Chilean experts helped improve the scanning of containers and decreased possible lost revenues by improving internal controls with the Paraguayan customs agency.  Trainings provided to the Paraguayan export agency improved the assistance provided by the Ministry of Agriculture to small farmers to provide them with customized knowledge and access to credit, thereby increasing their production and household incomes.
  • El Salvador: The U.S. and Chile implement four projects to help the Salvadorian Ministry of Agriculture prevent plant diseases, improve animal health, strengthen its food safety system, and design and implement a market intelligence system for agricultural and animal products.  These activities will help ensure the safety of livestock and food production in El Salvador, enabling an increase in sales and economic growth.
  • Guatemala and Honduras: To improve inspection and certification systems for agricultural products, Guatemalan and Honduran officials are adopting Chile’s innovative and successful public-private partnership model.  The U.S. and Chile are training customs officials and agriculture inspectors. Improving agricultural inspection will facilitate access to key markets, which benefit farmers and their families.
  • Honduras: The U.S. and Chile collaborate in Honduras to train police to improve the investigation and prosecution of homicides and to help promote citizen security.
  • Central America: The U.S. and Chile also are partnering through the International Law Enforcement Academy in El Salvador where Chilean experts teach courses on public corruption and violence against women.

New Partnership:

  • Dominican Republic: The new partnership will support youth employment to prevent delinquent behavior, illicit activities, and school drop-outs. Programs will aim to reintegrate troubled youth back into the formal education system, provide employment and vocational training, and engage them in productive activities that will not only benefit themselves but also their communities.

Last updated: June 04, 2013

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