Fact Sheets

Бул долбоор, Кыргыз Республикасында сот адилеттүүлүктү орнотуу, коомчулуктун сот ишине ишенимин арттыруу жана мамлекеттин туруктуулугун камсыз кылуу максатында, адвокаттардын жана келечек-муун юристтердин билим деңгээлин жана кесиптик мүмкүнчүлүктөрүн жогорулатууга багытталган.

USAID’s Producers to Market Alliance (PMA) seeks to strengthen legal economies in these areas by increasing the competitiveness of licit producers and the value of licit products. 

The Wonders of the Mekong project will conduct applied research, build capacity, and develop outreach and communications products to highlight the economic, ecological, and cultural values of biodiversity and ecosystem services associated with the Lower Mekong River. The outputs and resulting products, developed as an integrated package, will lead to better protection of a vibrant and healthy Lower Mekong system.

Overall active EVD transmission decreases in Guinea and Sierra Leone since the week ending June 7.
The Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) launches Operation Northern Push to scale up response efforts and local-level engagement in districts where EVD persists.
New chain of transmission emerges as the Government of Guinea (GoG) reports five new confirmed cases in Boké Prefecture.

The Trade Union Strengthening Program II (TUSP II) supports labor organization efforts in several key industries.

Бул программанын алкагында, Улуттук демократиялык институт (УДИ) Парламенттик фракцияларга жана депутаттарга байланыш жана түшүндүрүү иштерин жакшыртууга,  жарандардын ой-пикирин жана көйгөйлөрүн билүүгө жана көйгөйлөрдү чагылдырган платформаларды иштеп чыгуусуна шарт түзөт.

Colombia’s challenge is to sustainably manage its vast natural wealth during a post-conflict period of economic expansion.

SportPower2 is a social development activity that demonstrates the power of sports as a tool for the social integration of PwD.

he Rural Finance Initiative (RFI) responds to the decades of internal conflict and the deep inequalities that are most evident in Colombia’s rural regions by expanding access to financial services.

USAID and UN Women joined forces to develop the Overcoming Gender-Based Violence to Ensure Women´s Full Enjoyment of Rights Activity (OGBV).


Last updated: March 29, 2017