Start date:  December 2012                                                                                                        
End date: until June 2015             
Project budget: $949,684             
Implementer: Macedonian Civic Education Centre (MCEC)


The project aims to upgrade and improve the teacher professional and career development system, contributing to higher quality instruction and higher students’ achievements in the Republic of Macedonia.

Following institutions are involved in the project implementation: Ministry of Education and Science, Bureau for Development of Education, Vocational Education and Training Center, State Education Inspectorate, National Examination Center, municipalities, teacher training faculties, professional teacher associations and teachers’ union. The project will involve the wider professional community in public debates on proposed decisions for teacher professional and career development. This approach promotes transparency and acceptance of developed documents by all relevant parties.


1)      Developing a comprehensive legal system - propose a regulative framework which will provide a basis for implementation of teacher professional and career development system in the Republic of Macedonia;

2)      Generating financial schemes for the suggested TPCD models - identify current and available funding sources from the state, local and school budgets to advocate for sustained support for teacher professional and career development. The project will draft legislation for the proposed financial scenarios for professional and career development of teachers.

3)      Developing standards for teacher competencies - inventory clear standards of expected teacher competencies and professional development opportunities. Those will serve as a foundation for developing the legal system and schemes for funding of teacher professional and career development.


  • Prepared Catalogue of core competences and teacher standards;
  • Established tools and procedures for evaluation of teacher competences;
  • Improved system for professional development of teachers along with adequate draft legislation amendments;
  • Developed model for teacher career development system;
  • Identified sources for financing the professional and career development, and proposed mechanisms and procedures for fair and transparent allocation of finances;
  • Teachers informed about the professional and career development opportunities;

Contact Information

USAID contact:  Siena Fleischer, AOR, sfleischer@usaid.gov
Chief of Party:  Vera Kondik Mitkovska, vkondik@mcgo.org.mk
Information Officer:  Aleksandar Stamboliev, astamboliev@mcgo.org.mk

Last updated: November 19, 2013

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