Strengthening Watershed and Irrigation Management

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  • Duration: 
    Dec 2016 – Dec 2021
  • Value: $57 million


The Strengthening Watershed and Irrigation Management (SWIM) project supports sustainable, agriculture-led economic growth by increasing the sustainable and productive use of water and strengthening water resource management in northern Afghanistan. Specifically, SWIM rehabilitates water infrastructure, strengthens the water regulatory environment; and increases the technical expertise of local entities to manage water resources.


  • Rehabilitate poor performing irrigation infrastructure and restore fragile and degraded-upland watersheds
  • Conduct outreach campaigns, to strengthen the water regulatory framework in Afghanistan
  • Establish and train irrigation associations, water user associations, and forestry associations on sustainable water management and to resolve conflicts through community-based natural resource management practices
  • Support the Government of Afghanistan to strengthen water resource management capacity and coordinate with the USAID Regional Agriculture Development Programs to increase agricultural water productivity
  • Provide grants to communities and non-governmental organizations, including women groups, for community watershed management


  • Rehabilitated two out of four irrigation schemes in three provinces
  • Completed 14,330 Topographic Surveys
  • Developed eight Integrated Watershed Management Plans
  • Trained seven civil servants on four modules of basic and advanced training on water evaluation and planning tools
  • Trained 42 ( including 9 women) of MAIL, MEW and NEPA staff
  • Embedded five staff at NEPA
  • Trained more than 11,160 farmers on-farm and watershed management
  • Leveled 559.5 hectares of precision land.
  • Established more than 70 IAs and WUAs
  • Established 13 Water User Associations (WUAs) and Irrigation Associations (IAs)
  • Installed nearly 60 demonstration plots with improved drip irrigation
  • Trained 500 lead farmers on improved irrigation practices
  • Established six women’s groups to provide a platform for irrigation trainings


Last updated: June 17, 2019

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